Use Photos to Improve Due Diligence

We have an important story to share with you, demonstrating how SiteDocs Safety Management Software has helped companies make their safety management easier, faster, and better, and has driven up the accountability and the confidence within their safety management systems.

The way the story goes is there was a prime contractor on-site, halfway through the build. They had to put a guard rail up that was removed while somebody was delivering materials. After they were done delivering the materials they put the guardrail back. However, they just set up the guardrail against the area, because they probably didn’t have the tools to fasten it properly. Well, someone almost fell from that area, because the guardrail was loose, and now there was an investigation.

Through that investigation there was paperwork done for some of the subcontractors, trying to confirm that they did their due diligence. On the prime contractor’s SiteDocs Safety Management Software account, they had timestamps, dates, pictures, and signatures, showing that the guardrail was confidently in place.

On paper, no one else could prove that to that extent. That takes our level of accountability and confidence to a whole new level when it comes to due diligence with your safety program. We help make it easier, faster, and better through accountability and confidence.


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