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Considering SiteDocs

Can both small and large businesses use SiteDocs Software?

Yes! Whether you are a Global Giant or a Single Owner/Operator you both have one thing in common – a need to be compliant and follow regional safety regulations. SiteDocs allows for feature customizations to best suit your needs no matter the size of your company. 

Is this software just for the construction industry?

No. Our current customers come from a wide variety of industries such as Manufacturing, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Forestry, Logistics, Shipping, and many many more.

A few of our workers are a matured, skilled workforce. Will they be able to use SiteDocs?

SiteDocs has won awards for its ease-of-use and is known for its fast adoption among workers. No matter their age, or the amount (or lack of) ‘techy skills’ that your workers currently have, they will find SiteDocs easy to use. Some customers have rolled out training in less than 20 minutes!

How quickly can my company get up and running with SiteDocs?

How does the same day sound? We are mostly serious. Large, motivated companies have rolled out SiteDocs across multiple sites in less than 10 days. You can have a form created and signed the same day you set up your account. We can move with you as fast as you need. In fairness, with all you have going on, the typical medium size company can roll out in about 30 days.

Does SiteDocs work for my country, state, or province?

Yes! SiteDocs is fully customizable and has thousands of customers worldwide.

Can I use my own safety forms?

Yes! Our custom Form Builder can handle just about any form you throw at it and you can make SiteDocs look and feel familiar to the forms your workers are accustomed to. Your company’s logo can be included  on all of your signed forms.

Can I import my existing paper Forms?

No. As SiteDocs has a specific format for our Forms, any and all Forms will need to be built within the system. We do have a Content Specialist team devoted to developing Forms within SiteDocs to assist with these requests.

Can I get email Notifications for Signed Forms?

Yes! Auto-Share by email makes it easy for you to send your signed forms and resources to other parties through email. The recipients of these emails will receive a live link to the completed document online, as well as a PDF copy of the document. If they are a Worker in your account, they can add a signature to the document once they have reviewed it.

What if I need to have access to multiple SiteDocs accounts?

Multi-Account Login allows you to manage multiple SiteDocs accounts using  one email address. Simply log in and from there you will have the ability to choose the account you wish to use.

What if I don't have an Internet connection? Is there an offline mode?

Yes, SiteDocs will work offline! All forms are stored locally on the mobile device while in offline mode and are synced with the server once you are able to reconnect to Internet service.  If you are using multiple SiteDocs accounts on a single device just remember to connect and sync  before switching accounts.

Where do I download the App?

The SiteDocs Mobile App can be downloaded to any device from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon Store.


How much does SiteDocs cost?

SiteDocs pricing is based on an annual recurring subscription. Complete our Get a Quote form and we will give you a call to get you a price quote that fits your company’s size and needs.

Why do I need to talk with someone to get a price quote?

You’ve probably said it yourself – safety isn’t a solo sport. Your workers’ safety and your liability are best served by having your whole company on the same page. A specialist will work with you to assess some variables like the number of workers, the number of worksite locations, whether you purchase additional features like SiteDocs Analytics, Workflow Studio etc., that can affect pricing. Speaking to a SiteDocs Safety Expert is the best way to ensure you have accuracy in your price quote.

Can I purchase only certain SiteDocs features? Or do I have to buy the whole Software platform?

There is some flexibility to what add-ons can be purchased with SiteDocs, such as SiteDocs Analytics or SiteDocs Workflow Studio; however you will have to purchase the whole SiteDocs subscription. For more information on if Analytics or Workflow Studio would be valuable to your business, please contact our team.


What’s Support like? Once we’re using SiteDocs are we on our own?

No! There’s lots of help from a world-class Support Team – always.

Once you become a SiteDocs customer you will be given a dedicated Rollout Specialist who will help you and your team get started with SiteDocs. Once you have completed the setup experience and live training calls you can always call or email us if you need additional support. Additionally, you will have access to a well-stocked video and article based Help Center. Enterprise customers will have the option for a dedicated Technical Specialist depending on their contract details. Please note that SiteDocs Support is currently only available in English.

When a SiteDocs Mobile App update happens will my Workers’ Mobile Apps update automatically?

Yes! Simply have Workers set up automatic updates within their device settings. 

"I’ve downloaded the Mobile App and there’s nothing there?"

Until your account is set up the App will appear blank. If you’re an existing customer or user from a crew, contact your company’s SiteDocs administrator.

How does SiteDocs work when there is no wifi or mobile reception in remote areas?

SiteDocs stores the information in the Mobile App then syncs as soon as the mobile device connects again to wifi or mobile data. If you know ahead of time that you will be working in a remote area, make sure you are signed into the Mobile App and have the resources you need while one wifi or data to ensure you have what you need to work remotely. Treat it no differently than preparing your material or tools before you go and work remotely.

Where are those Tutorial Videos?

Our Help Centre can be accessed HERE, as well as directly through your Admin Panel. Simply click on the question mark icon in the bottom left corner and select ‘Knowledge Base’ to view our tutorials!

Login Help. “I’m on Site trying to sign in to SiteDocs for the first time.”

Your first step is talking with your Safety Manager or HR team. If you need any further assistance, you can contact our Support Team HERE.

Data & Storage

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes! Your data is protected with industry-standard encryption and is stored securely on Microsoft Azure servers, which offer the gold standard in cloud security. Our software undergoes independent third-party audits and certifies our products against AICPA SOC2 Trust Criteria for security, availability, and confidentiality. We also meet privacy requirements under GDPR, PIPEDA, CPPA and more! Read more in our Trust and Security Centre.

How do I export my Forms outside of SiteDocs?

You can mass export your Forms to Dropbox or use our Zapier integration. You can also export your Form data into a CSV file or download a single Form as a PDF.

Where is your data stored and what does it look like for me to “take my data with me” if we ever decide to cancel?

Your data at SiteDocs is stored on secure and encrypted Microsoft Azure servers. You can also mass export your Forms to Dropbox or use our Zapier integration and store it locally. As you own your own information, you have two years to remove it if you decide to leave us. With thousands of happy companies supported worldwide, you’ve already chosen an industry leader – we don’t expect you to go anywhere!

Can my Signed Forms be deleted?

In order to maintain the integrity and security of your SiteDocs account, all signed Forms and Resources in SiteDocs cannot be deleted.

Can I store SDS/WHMIS?

Yes, you can save your SDS or WHMIS documents as PDFs and upload them into your Resources section. With our customizable Resource section you have unlimited options to organize your documents for your Worker’s needs.

What is your Contact Information?

Locations Contact Information

United States

11951 Freedom Dr, Suite 401
Reston, VA  20190 USA


2845 Cruickshank St, Suite #200
Abbotsford, BC V2T 6X1

Australia & New Zealand

Lvl 1/204, Clarence St
Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia
(+61) 1.800.324.903

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