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Logins For All Your Workers

Because Worker participation is the key to improved safety culture, provide every Worker with a login.

Unlimited Forms & Signatures

Because every signed safety form leads to a safer work environment, go ahead and sign as many as you need.

Track Every Worker Profile

Because training is the backbone of safety, monitor every Worker signature and certification, both current and historical.


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We’ve Saved Over $100,000…

“We have been using SiteDocs for almost two years and it has proven time and time again to be a crucial component to the success of our Safety Program.

We recently had a worker incident on a job site and when the inspector came to review the incident, I was able to immediately produce in SiteDocs all necessary documentation to prove due diligence had been done. Furthermore, I was able to instantly email all the documentation directly to the inspector, making his review process easier and allowing us to get back to work sooner. We received no fines for the incident because we had everything in place – completed, signed, filed, and quickly accessible when needed.

In the past, doing our safety documentation on paper was a headache and unreliable when it really counted. But since we started using SiteDocs to manage our Safety Program, Weatherguard Gutters has saved well over $100,000. As a company committed to customer satisfaction, worker safety and meeting financial goals, I can’t say enough about how SiteDocs has helped us to stay true to our values on multiple levels.”

Joe Duquet

Safety Consultant, Weatherguard Gutters Inc.

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