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OSHA’s injury reporting and record keeping

See OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application (ITA) and how you can use it for submitting your OSHA 300A logs electronically, plus:

  • How to create establishments
  • How to submit your OSHA 300A data manually using the Injury Tracking Application
  • How to submit your OSHA 300A data for multiple establishments in CSV format
  •  How to use collect your OSHA 300A data faster using SiteDocs Safety Management Software

How SiteDocs Helps With OSHA Compliance


Meeting OSHA's recommended practices for safety and health programs

 Manage Leadership

Equip your workers with premium Safety Compliance tools for better and easier management.

 Increase Worker Participation

Your workers can have access to your entire safety program through the SiteDocs Mobile App, increasing worker participation and involvement. 

 Identify Hazards, Assessments, Prevention, and Control

With digital hazard assessment forms, SiteDocs allows workers to easily record regular hazard assessments and report on trends and patterns.

 Facilitate Education and Training

Easily educate your workers on the proper practices and procedures by providing access to your entire safety program in their SiteDocs mobile app.

 Empower program evaluation and improvement

With SiteDocs' reports, analytics, and statistics, you can evaluate your safety program and identify key areas in need of adjustment and improvement.

OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 Reporting

Easier OSHA Reporting

SiteDocs makes it easy to complete OSHA 301 incident reports right in the SiteDocs app and also fill in digital forms as entries to your OSHA 300 Log.  With SiteDocs, all of your OSHA 301 forms are only a few clicks away making your OSHA 300 log easier than ever to complete.  With the new OSHA Injury and Illness Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements SiteDocs will make it even easier to submit your report.  

Automatic Year-End Reporting with Analytics

With SiteDocs Analytics, OSHA 300A reporting can be a lot easier with custom dashboards. See all your totals for your year-end reporting automatically on your OSHA 300A Dashboard.

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