Within the first year of switching to SiteDocs we estimate we saved over $100,000 on the admin time, paperwork, personnel and training processes. The crews had very little pushback and adapted easily.

Chris Colley, Safety Director, Jakes Construction

With the help of SiteDocs dashboards the data revealed our most common injury – down to the type and time of day! Our renewed focus has resulted in a 22.5% decrease in this common injury for our workers across the United States.

Russell C., CSP, Director, Safety, Clyde Companies

Visibility is a key to prevention of injury. SiteDocs Analytics Dashboards give us the insights we need to prevent future injuries and better support with fresh training.

Michelle Orum, Project Manager, Cake Commercial Services

Our paper FLRA was a monster; a catch-all sheet in small text with ten folds – and a huge barrier to accurate data. With SiteDocs theyre streamlined from end-to-end, saving us hours, and in some cases, weeks.

Lucie Giroux, Health and Safety Manager, Lafarge

“Using SiteDocs helped us achieve over four years with no lost-time injuries… and counting!

Tri-Mach Group

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

Customer Success Stories

Jakes Construction

Jakes Construction becomes more efficient in its safety program, saving the company ~$100K. 


Helping Lafarge Canada reach its vision to become the first net zero concrete company in the world.


Safety Success Story: Increased Efficiency While Saving Nearly a Million Dollars.

100 Million+ Safety Signatures Entrusted to SiteDocs

Customer Reviews

“I’m 100% confident SiteDocs has the best Customer Service Team in the country! They deserve a 15/10 for answering all my questions quickly and in detail. Simply amazing.”

Tammy Le Blanc, Safety and Risk Specialist, InnServices

“What used to take me 5-6 tedious hours now takes less than one! Before SiteDocs, it had been a lengthy process, reviewing paperwork and completing my monthly tracker report. By going paperless with SiteDocs and using their Safety Monitor, I can review my documents and create my report in no time.”

Marissa I., Centrica Business Solutions

“As the employer of over 4,500 workers throughout the USA, it has always been a challenge to maintain timely and accurate incident reports. With SiteDocs we have seen a 65% increase to the capture rate of incident reports.”

Russell C., CSP, Director, Safety, Clyde Companies

“Managing 55,000+ Signatures and 5,500+ Certifications is a ton of work. SiteDocs helped us streamline our processes and become more organized. With SiteDocs, we’ve seen a big jump in efficiency.”

Daniel Sandoval, Signal Peak Silica

“Our mature, skilled workforce warmed up quickly to the new digital safety program. SiteDocs Mobile App was able to totally replicate the safety program they knew – only better!”

Melanie K., ASP, EHS Manager, Phoenix Fabricators

“One person saved four hours in the first week. With a large company – you do the math. Since adopting SiteDocs, the change feels priceless. The ROI is tenfold.”

Danielle Zivav, Director of Finance, Ozz Electric

Award-Winning Safety Software

Award-Winning Safety Software

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