Easily Verify Worker Certifications on Site

How do you manage your worker training & certifications and ensure workers on site have the required training.

Today what we want to share with you is how SiteDocs Safety Management Software makes your training certification and tracking easier, faster, and way better than those old clunky spreadsheets we try to manage. The improvement is tenfold. Let’s start with some challenges that are typical to safety manager or coordinator situations:

Which workers training and certifications are expiring soon?

Without having a mud through all of the documents,  SiteDocs Safety Management Software has a live reporting feet that automatically shows you what’s expiring, what’s due in three months and what’s active.

How many workers have a typical training like WHMIS? How do you verify that?

You can filter through SiteDocs Safety Management Software by just selecting WHMIS. It will populate who has WHMIS.

How do you know if all the workers on a particular jobsite have required training for those tasks?

You can filter through by selecting a location, seeing which workers are on there, and selecting their training. It automatically populates the information for you.

How do you know what training a single worker has?

You can just filter by a single worker, click their name, and it will show you what training they have, when they got it and when it expires.

Verifying training in a paper based system compared to digital.

In the past you have to make the calls, fax it, email it, get the information to them. With SiteDocs Safety Management Software, it’s instantaneous.

Here’s a situation: I’m the site supervisor. I have all my workers that are working at that site on my device. I select their name, simply select their training and certification, and I see all of their training. If it’s red, they know it’s expired. If you want to view their certificates, just select “View” and they have their certificates instantly- making their life, your time, easier faster and better with SiteDocs Safety Management Software.

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