Increasing Confidence Through Accountability

In this Safety Talk video, we are going to explore how you can use safety management software to achieve greater accountability from your workers, leading to a higher level of confidence in your safety program.

Accountability for Workers Within Your Company

A critical challenge that we were faced with in a paper-based system is accountability. When we say accountability, we mean people completing the documentation as per their policies and procedures, and ensuring inspections are done in the timely manner that they are supposed to be. It is impossible to track that in a paper-based system because it’s all over the city, the province, the county or wherever people are working.

How do you get all that information and confirm it at the same time?

The short answer is moving to a digital safety platform like SiteDocs Safety Management Software.  With SiteDocs it’s easier, faster, better, and achievable!   Documents signed in the field are time-stamped and dated from when they completed it. There can be pictures embedded right into forms themselves, and the forms are automatically filed, stored, saved and organized. Because it is web-based, the safety coordinator or owner of a company can monitor and evaluate, real-time, the documentation that is being completed on all their sites from one area, whether it’s in the office, a tablet, or a laptop. That’s the relationship you have with your company.

Accountability for Sub Contractors Safety

We are seeing a similar effect in the industry between the general contractor and the sub contractor? The prime contractor, who has the overall responsibility for health and safety of everyone on their site, can now step into what we call “real-time evaluation monitoring” of the subcontractors. As the subcontractors fill out the documentation, it automatically gets fed to the prime contractor, who can confirm not just that it’s being done and what is being done, but also the quality of it. Therefore, that communication and that relationship build that confidence that we’re achieving or have been trying to reach, for a long time, which we mentioned was impossible within the paper-based system. Let SiteDocs Safety Management Software do the work for you; we’ll make it easier, faster, and better.

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