Save Time on Your Toolbox Talks

In this article, we want to share with you about the benefit of going digital with your toolbox talks. The important point to notice is the amount of time that you’ll save! What used to take hours and hours of company time can be shrunk down to literally minutes using SiteDocs safety management software.


With paper, you have to print off the copies. Secondly, you have to distribute the papers to all your workers on all of your job sites. Thirdly, you have to gather all of the signatures after you have read and understood the toolbox talk and make sure that a talk with separate pages for the topic and for signatures are stapled together for due diligence. Fourth, because they are on paper, you must physically gather all those toolbox talks from all of the various workers on all of the various job sites. Then you must get them back to the office and somehow file, organize and store all of those copies. Finally, you must take the time to sort through your filing cabinets and folders to retrieve that information for your audits or if you’re issued an order or you have an incident investigation that you need to follow up on.


With SiteDocs, there is no printing and fussing with paper. You simply drop your PDF documents into your account and they are automatically available to everyone on their mobile devices in the field. The workers can take their mobile device, tap the resources button and get to the toolbox talk they need immediately. They can then read through it and sign off right on their mobile device. SiteDocs does the rest of the work as the software automatically collects the file to save and store in your virtual filing cabinet where you can quickly and easily find it at any time. All you have to do is use the powerful search bar in your SiteDocs safety feed to retrieve the documents you need in seconds.


SiteDocs workplace safety software makes doing your toolbox talks (and your whole safety program) easier, faster and better. Why not let SiteDocs do the work for you?


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