Instantly Update and Distribute Critical Safety Documents

In this Safety Talk video, we are going to cover the topic of updating and distributing critical safety documents to your job sites. We will explore how SiteDocs Safety Management Software makes this significantly easier and faster from the paper-based system


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One of our members shared a story with us about a recent situation where SiteDocs saved them a significant amount of time.  The company’s workers were on a site and they were doing some siding. They had a table saw, and they were ripping what is called “Hardie board.” The workers had to take the guard off of the table saw to do a particular cut. There just happen to be an enforcement agent on site who saw this happening. The officer walked over and said “Excuse me, but you can’t remove the guard like that,” and the young worker said, “I thought I’m allowed to do this as long as I have a safe job procedure.”. The officer said, “let me see the procedure.” So, they opened up the worker’s mobile device and logged into their SiteDocs Safety Management Software account. The worker went to the resources, found the safe job procedure section, and opened up the correct procedure.

You may think that was the story. However it wasn’t the correct procedure because it had no information regarding removing the guard. The officer said that it wasn’t correct. The young worker, who just happened to be one of the safety reps of the company, called the safety coordinator and said, “I know we wrote this procedure because we worked on it together. I need it because there is an officer on site.” The safety coordinator, at the office, took the safe job procedure, uploaded it into their SiteDocs Safety Management Software resource folder, and in 10 seconds the worker had the information. The worker went back into his app and opened up the proper procedure and went to show the officer. Everyone on site was then read through it, understood it, and signed off. One more thing to note- this information was passed to all of the workers at every site. They all had a chance to review it, and it saved them from having a stop-work order issued. More importantly, they had the information they needed to do the job safely.

You can see how moving to a cloud based safety management program makes distributing your documents across all job sites easier, faster, and better with SiteDocs Safety Management Software.

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