A Better Incident Reporting Process

In this safety talk, we cover incident reporting and how SiteDocs Safety Management Systems is surpassing the old paper-based system on multiple levels.

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One of our customers had an incident on a job site. Using SiteDocs, they completed a form to report the incident; they utilized the voice dictation tool so they could just explain the situation without writing out paragraphs or being confined to a piece of paper without enough room to provide all of the information.

They signed off on the document and it was automatically uploaded to their SiteDocs Safety Feed where the Safety Coordinator at Head Office could access it. He looked at the pictures that were included and called the supervisor on site asking him to take additional pictures around the incident in certain areas as well.They wanted to ensure that they covered all areas. So, the supervisor provided this additional information and the Safety Coordinator was able to take that incident report and figure out what caused the problem. From there, he created a safe job procedure for that situation, uploaded it into SiteDocs and it instantly went to all of their workers in the field, wherever they were. The workers were all able to review the new safe job procedure, which ensured they knew what not to do in that situation.

This was all done within a morning! This is a fantastic way to show how SiteDocs goes well beyond a paper-based system and makes communicating your safety management easier, faster, and way better.

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