Safety Compliance
Made Easy

SiteDocs Safety Management Software

Safety Compliance Made Easy

SiteDocs Safety Management Software

Collect Digital Forms

Ensure Worker Compliance

Discover Actionable Insights

Compliance On Paper Is The Worst, Isn’t It?

Forms missing critical data

Searching through filing cabinets

Lost or missing documents

Manually inputing form data

Illegible handwriting

Only using lagging indicators

Forms missing critical data

Lost or missing documents

Illegible handwriting

Searching through filing cabinets

Manually inputing form data

Only being able to use lagging indicators

See How Much Easier It Is
With SiteDocs

Here’s how SiteDocs makes every aspect of OSHA compliance easier.

Collect Forms

Go digital with all of your forms

Build custom forms that are simple to fill out and sign with follow up actions, worker certifications, GPS locations, and offline support.

Ensure Compliance

through visibility

Easily create and distribute documents and then track completion by worker, location or document name, in real-time.

Discover Insights

Unlock The Power Of Data Driven Safety

Analyze your safety program to identify trends and monitor KPIs using the most user friendly and advanced reporting engine on the planet!

With SiteDocs You’ll Have The Tools You Need

Easy To Use Mobile App On Site

Manage & Monitor From The Office

Top 10 Features

Build custom forms like Toolbox Talks, Inspections, Incidents, JSA, Hazard Assessments, OSHA 300, etc.

Assign Corrective Actions

Add photos, comments, and annotations

Capture digital signatures with Date/Time/GPS Stamp

Distribute safety documents like Company Policies, Safety Manuals, SDS, Safe Work Practices etc.

Track worker certifications and training

Monitor compliance in real-time

Chat directly with workers

Automatically Email Forms

Build Analytics and Reports on ANY data point

The Path To Digital Is 3 Easy Steps

Orientation Meeting

We’ll walk you through your account setup.

Build Forms and Upload Docs

Need help?  We can even build forms for you.

Workers Start Signing

We’ve made the mobile app easy to learn and quick to use. 

Get Started

“We have gone from ‘Hard Copy Chaos’ to ‘Digital Order.'”

Kevin Boyce, KDS Construction

“The concept of putting our entire safety program at every employee’s fingertips is exactly where safety programs should be! And this makes it absolutely feasible!”

Hal Morgan, S&B Construction

“I was a little skeptical when we first started the process and now I am not sure how I ever lived without it.”

Tyson, Wilfs Electric

SiteDocs Pricing

Priced for your safety success

Simple pricing based on your company size.

Logins for all your workers

Give your workers access to your entire safety program through their device or web browser.

Unlimited forms and signatures

Need a lot of forms? No problem! You can create as many forms as you need without any limits on the amount of signatures.

Track every worker profile

Monitor every worker signature and certification, both current and past, to stay on top of training and compliance.

Get a Quote

An initial call is required to provide a custom price quote tailored to your company’s size and needs.

In Summary…

It’s difficult to maintain a safe workplace using paper or inadequate software.

SiteDocs Safety Management Software helps companies streamline operations with digital forms, ensure compliance with real-time monitoring, and reduce injuries with advanced analytics.

This makes safety compliance easier for everyone, saving time, money, and lives.

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See For Yourself

Schedule a 30 minute web session to see a web presentation and get your questions answered.




 Book A Demo 

See For Yourself

Schedule a 30 minute web session to see a web presentation and get your questions answered.