Case studies from proudly paperless customers

We’ve collected a few stories from our customers about how they have transitioned from paper-based health & safety programs to SiteDocs paperless health & safety management software.  In any workplace, whether it’s construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, heavy construction, utilities, etc., SiteDocs can help you streamline your safety management and enhance safety culture on site.

Jakes Construction

Jakes Construction becomes more efficient in its safety program, saving the company ~$100K. Whenever you join a new company, you have an opportunity to see what’s possible with fresh eyes. Chris Colley was brand new to Jakes Construction (part of BC’s Klaassen Group...

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Helping Lafarge Canada reach its vision to become the first net zero concrete company in the world. Lafarge Canada successfully made the switch from paper to digital, impacting safety workflows for 180 locations across Canada. By reducing paper waste and...

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Tabeel Trading

Even While Hauling in Remote Areas of Australia, Tabeel Trading Increased Efficiencies Through Digital Safety. Over 6 million hectares of Australia’s Victoria and South Australian regions are filled with hard wood for Harvest and Hauling. Due to spotty cell service,...

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Triple A Drilling

Going digital with SiteDocs meant we could maximize revenue. Time saved on safety paperwork was redirected to business development. We grew our company and went after larger contracts. Congratulations! Central Canadian Directional Drilling, Triple A - just took home...

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Digital safety with SiteDocs contributes to over 4 years with no lost-time injuries… and counting! The Tri-Mach plants in the United States and Canada are focused on food safety through innovation and quality equipment manufacturing. They’ve published a front-page...

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OZZ Electric

Since adopting SiteDocs OZZ Electric has seen a 10x increase in its ROI. We interviewed Danielle Zivav, Director of Finance at OZZ Electric, for a no-bull look back over their experience so far with SiteDocs. What we found was shocking — even to us. “One person saved...

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Tabeel Trading Testimonial

SiteDocs has totally transformed our business. It has taken our safety system off the shelf and put it in the field!Going paperless has meant increased efficiencies not only from an administration perspective but, most importantly, for those on the ground.  Our...

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Reviews And More

1. Category Leaders constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, GetApp or its affiliates. 2. Top 20 constitute the...

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Tri-Mach Testimonial

The Tri-Mach plants in Canada and the United States are focused on food safety through innovation and quality equipment manufacturing. They’ve published a front-page article to their customers highlighting how SiteDocs has transformed their safety. With ever-changing...

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OZZ Electric Testimonial

"One person saved 4 hours in the first week. With a large company - you do the math. Since adopting SiteDocs, the change feels priceless. The ROI is tenfold." Danielle Zivav,Director of Finance, OZZ ElectricWe interviewed Danielle Zivav, Director of Finance at OZZ...

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