Case studies from proudly paperless customers

We’ve collected a few stories from our customers about how they have transitioned from paper-based health & safety programs to SiteDocs paperless health & safety management software.  In any workplace, whether it’s construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, heavy construction, utilities, etc., SiteDocs can help you streamline your safety management and enhance safety culture on site.

Tabeel Trading

SiteDocs has totally transformed our business. It has taken our safety system off the shelf and put it in the field!Going paperless has meant increased efficiencies not only from an administration perspective but, most importantly, for those on the ground.  Our...

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Reviews And More

1. Category Leaders constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, GetApp or its affiliates. 2. Top 20 constitute the...

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The Tri-Mach plants in Canada and the United States are focused on food safety through innovation and quality equipment manufacturing. They’ve published a front-page article to their customers highlighting how SiteDocs has transformed their safety. With ever-changing...

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OZZ Electric

"One person saved 4 hours in the first week. With a large company - you do the math. Since adopting SiteDocs, the change feels priceless. The ROI is tenfold." Danielle Zivav,Director of Finance, OZZ ElectricWe interviewed Danielle Zivav, Director of Finance at OZZ...

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You Will Save Countless Hours

ONEC Construction Inc. You Will Save Countless Hours As HSE Manager for ONEC Construction Inc., I began researching companies and software for the purpose of moving to a paperless, real time safety management system for our business in early 2016.   As HSE...

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Improving Your Safety Processes

Improving Your Safety Processes We are hearing incredible stories from our members implementing brand new processes now that they are beyond those paper-based limitations that we had in the past.   Check out this story: A Great Story Of Improved Safety Process There's...

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Easily Verify Worker Certifications on Site

Easily Verify Worker Certifications on Site How do you manage your worker training & certifications and ensure workers on site have the required training. Today what we want to share with you is how SiteDocs Safety Management Software makes your training...

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Using Apple TV for Sub Trade Orientations

Using Apple TV for Sub Trade Orientations We are excited to share something with you that is health and safety oriented, but more so giving kudos to some of our members who are taking safety to the next lever.   Orientations What one of our members has done, in...

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SiteDocs Has Made My Job Much Easier!

SmartWatt SiteDocs Has Made My Job Much Easier We heard from two employees at SmartWatt to hear what they had to say about using SiteDocs at their company.   “SiteDocs has made my job much easier. As an Operations Coordinator, I am responsible for the management...

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