SiteDocs WCB Winning Client Triple A

Going digital with SiteDocs meant we could maximize revenue. Time saved on safety paperwork was redirected to business development. We grew our company and went after larger contracts. "

Congratulations! Central Canadian Directional Drilling, Triple A – just took home top prize for 2021 Safe Employer and we couldn’t be happier for them! SiteDocs customers are reaping the rewards of increased efficiency all over the world.

Watch below to see how Triple A grew their business while improving safety!


“Prior to using SiteDocs the people in the field used paperwork – we wouldn’t see them back at head office for two or three weeks.”

It takes a lot to go from a new family business to an industry leader in just thirteen years. It takes even more to get COR certification and win multiple safety awards along the way, but that’s exactly what SiteDocs’ client Triple A Directional Drilling has done – and then some! 


While they had built a solid foundation for their safety program, owners Vanessa and Brooke at Triple A, confess that for their grand business plans “paper safety didn’t cut it.”

We’re proud to be a small part of their success by providing the technology that automates and streamlines their in-house safety and site management processes. Your ready, we can help.


SiteDocs WCB Winning Client Triple A Working

It was cool when we first started using SiteDocs and were adding photos to hazard forms! Now it’s more than cool - safety plays an important role in our business.

You can have an award-winning safety program that supports you to grow your business sooner than you think. 

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