Keep Your Workers Safe

In this short video, see how you can leverage a powerful tool like SiteDocs to manage and monitor new hazards associated with COVID-19.

"We’ve always loved SiteDocs, but now with COVID-19, SiteDocs has really stood out as an exceptional platform to communicate with employees all while keeping safe distances.

We can’t even imagine trying to do this on paper. At this point you would have to pry SiteDocs away from our employees, not to mention it would be a huge step backward in our health and safety endeavours during this challenging time. Thank you, SiteDocs!"

Terry Didluck
HSE Manager, Royal Fence & Group of Companies

Paperless Is Safer

Use digital safety as part of your solution to protect your workers from COVID-19

Implement Social Distancing

Reduce in-person interactions and eliminate handling of paper forms and clipboards.

Keep Workers Updated

Instantly distribute Health Notices, Safe Work Practices, and updated Policies.

Facilitate Remote Work

Allow staff to monitor safety compliance remotely, even from a home office.

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Keep Your Workers Safe from COVID-19