Contractor Management Made Easy

Easily manage compliance for your third party workforce across all your job sites. We help manage your prequalification, worksite access control and give you real-time visibility into contractor compliance, mitigating risk and making your contractor management easy.

Prequalification: Find the Right Companies

Onboarding: Verify the Workforce

Control of Work: Managing Worksite Activities Safely

Verified by Industry Experts, Not Just Algorithms

Let us do the work for you with our comprehensive document collection and verification service for contractor credentials, insurance, penalties, certifications, and more. Custom requirements? Consider it handled.

Quickly Identify Non-Compliance

Gain instant visibility into contractor compliance with a clear, at-a-glance dashboard. No one steps on-site until they are fully compliant.

Proactively Evaluate Risk & Mitigate Incidents

Identify high-risk contractors early, before they cause problems. Advanced predictive AI modeling is over 90% accurate in predicting future incidents within 90 days.

Streamline Contractor Onboarding

We make it easy to ensure your contractors are equipped with their orientations, certifications and training before they set foot on site.

Control Worksite Access

Your workforce only gets worksite access when they’re verified.

  • No touch facility access approvals & rejections
  • QR code guided check-in/out
  • Custom task/skill-based screening


Contractor Safety Management

SiteDocs makes it easier than ever to ensure participation and safety compliance from every Contractor on site.

Monitor Contractor Compliance in Real-Time

Maintain visibility and full control of worksite operations using the SiteDocs Safety Monitor.

Provide Site-Specific Forms & Resources

Give Contractors access to specific Safety Manuals, Forms & Resources. Contractors only see what Forms & Resources are necessary for their teams.

Easy Access to Forms & Resources


Allow easy access to required Forms & Resources by a link or QR code.

Quickly Check Which Certifications are Expiring

Easily confirm that worker’s certifications are up to date or about to expire.

Get Reminders for Expiring Certifications

Easily create reminders to ensure workers, supervisors, and safety managers never let certifications expire.

Assign Actions to Contractors

Provide Contractors with a safety checklist, including required Forms & Resources, all they need to efficiently complete their assignments for the day.

Get Notified When an Incident Occurs

In the event of an incident on site, get notified immediately. Easily communicate directly with workers through In-App Chat so you can stay informed when it matters most.

Standardize Incident Documentation

Ensure incidents are documented accurately and completely on site.

Features That Help Every Team Stay Compliant on the Job Site


Easily Track and Monitor Compliance
Ensure compliance from workers and contractors with real-time monitoring.
Automate Reminders for Certifications and More
Easily set up reminders for workers, contractors and supervisors, ensuring safety is never forgotten.
Schedule Forms to Automatically Repeat
Schedule Forms, Toolbox Talks and more to automatically repeat so you only need to schedule them once.
Worker To-Do List
Workers and Contractors only see Forms assigned to them, reducing confusion on the worksite.
Easy to Use, Easy to Adopt
SiteDocs easy-to-use software ensures company-wide adoption, and ensures a safer workplace for all.
Offline Access
No network? No problem! SiteDocs will automatically upload as soon as you are back online.

Automate Your Contractor Processes

Build custom automations to fit your company’s unique needs. Seamlessly connect your data to over 1,350+ software platforms, automate recurring tasks and notifications, get real-time visibility into what is occurring on the worksite, and more.

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Make Contractor Prequalification Easy

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Trusted by Companies of All Sizes


“Within the first year of switching to SiteDocs we estimate we saved over $100,000 on the admin time, paperwork, personnel, and training processes. The crews had very little pushback and adapted easily.

Chris Colley, Safety Director, Jakes Construction
“Within the first year of switching to SiteDocs we estimate we saved over $100,000 on the admin time, paperwork, personnel, and training processes. The crews had very little pushback and adapted easily.

Chris Colley, Safety Director, Jakes Construction

Our paper FLRA was a monster; a catch-all sheet in small text with ten folds – and a huge barrier to accurate data. With SiteDocs they're streamlined from end-to-end, saving us hours, and in some cases, weeks.

Lucie Giroux, Health and Safety Manager, Lafarge

“With the help of SiteDocs dashboards the data revealed our most common injury – down to the type and time of day! Our renewed focus has resulted in a 22.5% decrease in this common injury for all our workers.”

Russell C., CSP, Director, Safety, Clyde Companies

Contractor Prequalification Made Easy


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