SiteDocs Has Made My Job Much Easier

We heard from two employees at SmartWatt to hear what they had to say about using SiteDocs at their company.


“SiteDocs has made my job much easier. As an Operations Coordinator, I am responsible for the management of our employees’ safety documentation. Before SiteDocs, I spent hours each day opening emails and reviewing attachments. I now have easy access to all documents with the ability to filter out documents by worker, date, location and type to have exactly what I need at my fingertips in seconds.”

Marissa Igoe
Operations Coordinator

“Our company recognized that a paper based safety program limited our ability to focus on the quality of our safety efforts. The work activities were heavily administrative and cumbersome to our employees. SiteDocs eliminated this burden and changed the perception of our employees in performing safety activities. The software is highly intuitive and easy to use. Our customers are impressed with the quality of the reports and I have been asked on numerous occasions to demonstrate the software to some of our larger customers for consideration in their own companies. The benefit of SiteDocs to the advancement of our safety program can’t be overstated” 

Kyle Lambert
Safety Director

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