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As HSE Manager for ONEC Construction Inc., I began researching companies and software for the purpose of moving to a paperless, real time safety management system for our business in early 2016.


As HSE Manager for ONEC Construction Inc., I began researching companies and software for the purpose of moving to a paperless, real time safety management system for our business in early 2016.

After reviewing multiple systems, it was obvious that SiteDocs would be able to provide us with the necessary processes to meet our needs and I began engagements with SiteDocs.

I was extremely pleased with how much focus was put on helping me understand how the system works.  I was invited to participate in a personal online demo with a SiteDocs representative to answer my questions and explain all elements in details, as well fantastic follow up support.

After a short overview with the ONEC ownership group, I obtained approval to proceed and haven’t looked back since.  In fact, it is working so well, that I have now expanded field users for our Scaffolding division and increased our subscription plan to allow for our entire Engineering division to be included so we now have the entire company using SiteDocs.

I was very impressed with the simplicity of uploading our current safety program, adding workers, uploading employee training records, and overall how user friendly all administrative functions were to use.  Being able to build customizable forms and edit, update, change as required is very easy and forms are even easier to complete through the app.

Your safety systems will become extremely easy to audit internally and through any external auditors with complete freedom to sort data by date, location, worker, form, etc., all with dated and time stamped signatures by your workers.

The SiteDocs team has done an excellent job in taking customer (and my personal) feedback/wish list items, and evolved the application even since I joined.  The focus on customer use and satisfaction is second to none.  Any time I have a question or suggestion, I am able to access my account manager and receive fantastic, professional guidance on how to complete a task, or how to enhance the program overall.

Training of employees on the use of the electronic forms was absolutely painless and I receive positive feedback from our field personnel on a regular basis as to how great it is to have our entire HSSE Management System at the tips of their fingers and available through the iPad or even their iPhones.  I am often asked, “why didn’t we do something like this years ago?”.

In just under one year of using SiteDocs, our visibility and ability of form completion, reports and records has been phenomenal and in real time.  I no longer have to wait days/weeks for hard copy paperwork to come back from field jobs and am able to finalize monthly corporate HSE reports almost instantly without much effort at all.

I do not hesitate at all in recommending taking the leap and implementing SiteDocs for your company.  For the relatively low cost of the subscription and iPads, you will save countless hours with reporting, searching for safety tickets, cost of paper, printer ink, and workers searching to find any component of your safety program.

The Administrator dashboard gives your designated focal instant visibility of all signed off forms so you can review from anywhere and monitor compliance to your programs, follow up on any documented issues, and praise your teams for their excellent work.


Adam Thornton
NCSO, CSO, HSE Manager at ONEC

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