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National safety standards have never been as stringent for the construction industry as they are today. The Certificate of Recognition (COR) program has helped numerous Manitoba companies achieve strong safety and health programs through MHCA’s WORKSAFELY™ Program.


Many public and private project owners frequently use COR™ as a prequalification for and condition of contract. Earlier this year, MHCA partnered with SiteDocs to implement their first-ever digital program, WORKSAFELY™ e-COR™, to help contractors achieve and maintain certification even more efficiently than ever before.

“The iPad-based format is very user-friendly and simple to navigate,” explains Ed Gregory, MHCA’s WORKSAFELY™ Southern Region Advisor. “It only takes a couple of hours to figure out what the platform is capable of and how it works. It organizes, simplifies and reduces paperwork, which, in turn, grants the contractor something they all want…time.”

He adds that about 10% of COR™ companies are currently using the program, “and that number is increasing on a weekly basis. The program has been very well received by industry and has garnered a lot of interest.”

In all of our day-to-day activities, we use technology – except for safety. While we are comfortable and familiar with our paper programs and all that it encompasses, we’re also frustrated. Aren’t we often asking ourselves if there is a better way?

Wildcard Excavation Inc., a small excavation and leveling company in New Bothwell, thought so and is now the first company to achieve certification through e-COR™.

“It was daunting at first – trying to wrap my head around everything – but once I got into it, it was actually very easy,” says Curtis Bachmeier, Director at Wildcard Excavation Inc., a small company he formed two years ago that mainly does grading and small parking lot projects in Winnipeg and southern Manitoba.

“From the time I got my iPad, it took about three months to complete the process. I did my courses and required training and then I got the program and talked to Victoria (Mostert, MHCA’s COR™ Program Advisor). She helped me along from day one. Once I got into it, it was so easy.”

Could you imagine not having any paperwork to fill out and file?

When asked if he would recommend WORKSAFELY™ e-COR™, Bachmeier doesn’t hesitate.

“Absolutely! When it came time to do our audit, everything was right there. There was no digging for missing forms or going out on jobsites to find them or even printing them. Ed had no trouble auditing me this way,” he explains. “And if I ever had any questions, or couldn’t figure something out, Victoria was always there to walk me through the process.”

The sole purpose of digital safety is not only to simplify our programs – and by extension, our workloads – but also to get safety into the hands of those who matter most, our employees.

As Seen In Manitoba Heavy Construction Association Groundbreaker Magazine – Q3 2015 (page 46)

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