You’re Too Busy to Keep Using Paper

It’s amazing how something seemingly small and insignificant in the short term can become surprisingly significant when viewed over a longer time period. For example, if you buy a cup of coffee twice a day at Starbucks for $2.10, that doesn’t feel like a very big deal. But, amazingly, in just a month you’ve spent $126 and, in a year, $1,533!

The same is true with safety paperwork.  While spending one or two minutes to handle a single piece of paper may seem trivial at the time, the amount of wasted time handling paper becomes significantly more alarming when you evaluate it over a year.

Let’s start with a conservative estimate and say that on average you waste one minute of time for every piece of paper you handle.

  • 1 Box of Paper (5000 sheets) – 83 hours
  • 5 Boxes of Paper (5000 sheets) – 416 hours

The reality is, most companies spend more than one minute handling one piece of paper.  For example, take a company doing a Daily Hazard Assessment on a job site.  When you factor in printing, photocopying, dropping forms off on site, collecting forms, and filing them, a company can easily waste over 40 hours filling out one Daily Hazard Assessment form on one job site.


How To Waste 40+ Hours – on ONE Paper Form

  1. Create Form in Word Editor
    • 30 minutes per year
  2. Print/Photocopy enough copies for 1 year
    • 10 – 15 minutes per year
  3. Drop off printed forms at job site
    • 60 minutes per year
  4. Carry form back to site trailer after completing inspection and temporarily store/file it
    • 5 minutes per form
    • 20 hours per year (250 days)
  5. Bring form back to Head Office
    • 1 60-minute trip per month
    • 12 hours per year
  6. File forms at Head Office
    • 1 minute per form
    • 3 hours per year (250 days)
  7. Find form after it’s been filed
    • average 30 minutes per month
    • 6 hours per year

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