You Won’t Miss Your Filing Cabinets

Change is never easy. It’s often easier, at least in the short term, to stick with an existing process or system. What’s familiar to us feels safe, comfortable and low risk. That being said…


We know that every process we use or have used in the past was ‘new’ at some point, and we are likely relieved that we embraced the new process rather than sticking with the old way of doing things.

Netflix is a great example.

Remember how we used to have to drive to a movie store to rent VHS tapes or DVDs? Remember late fees? Remember how they would run out of copies? Remember fatal scratches on discs and to “Be Kind” you had to “Rewind”? Now that we have Netflix, we don’t miss the old way of doing things at all!

When it comes to safety management, we’re at a pivotal moment in history as more and more companies are leaving behind paper and going digital with their safety programs. Yes, it means change and new processes and new technology, but if we look past all of that and imagine ourselves 5 years from now, nobody is going to wish they could revert back to a paper-based safety program.

If you’re on the edge, wondering about making the switch from paper to digital – rest assured!  You won’t miss your filing cabinets.

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