SiteDocs Safety Management Software Smart Search

It’s Like Google for Your Safety Program

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to find your signed safety documents with SiteDocs Smart Search.  Imagine Google meets your safety program and you can instantly find your documents.  No more searching through filing cabinets or compiling documents.  For your COR™ audit, you could give your COR™ auditor temporary access to your account and they can find supporting documents in seconds!  Smart Search can save you hundreds of hours of COR™ audit preparation.

Here are a few examples of the types of searches you can do with SiteDocs Smart Search:

  • Search by Form Name: Quickly see all the First Aid Reports that have been signed in the last month.
  • Search by Label: Quickly see how many First Aid Reports that had the label Critical injury.
  • Search by Location: See all the forms signed at one specific location.
  • Search by Worker Name: Find all the forms that one specific worker has signed.
  • Combine Search Terms: You can search by the name of the form, a label that was added to the form, a location where it was signed, or a worker name.
  • See all First Aid Report forms with the label Critical Injury that were signed at Eagle Ridge.

The Paperless Advantage

Smart Search is just one advantage of going paperless with SiteDocs Safety Management Software.  Learn more about how the leading Construction Safety Management System SiteDocs can make safety compliance easier, faster and better!

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