Construction Health & Safety Software

SiteDocs is the best construction health & safety software for making your safety program more efficient, more effective, and significantly enhanced.  SiteDocs allows you to complete safety forms on a mobile device and track safety activity in real-time from any web browser.


Step 1:  Setting up your account

  1. Upload safety documents like MSDS, Safety Manual, Safe Job Procedures, Safe work practices, toolbox talks and more.
  2. Create completely custom safety forms with our ‘drag and drop’ form builder.
  3. Add unique worker profiles for your workers.
  4. Add the locations where you will be working to your account.

Step 2:  Using SiteDocs Safety App On Your Construction Site

  1. Grant specific workers mobile access
  2. Workers can download the SiteDocs iPhone app, iPad app, or Android App.
  3. Workers can login with their username and password.
  4. On their SiteDocs App, they can select any safety form to fill out and sign.
  5. That’s it!  The digital safety form is automatically saved and stored securely online in your SiteDocs account.

Manage and Monitor Safety From Head Office

  1. Login online to see all your inspections, toolbox talks, hazard assessments etc. in real time.
  2. View all safety forms submitted from individual locations.
  3. Track individual workers and see which safety forms they have signed.

Why Safety Management Software Matters

Using SiteDocs safety management software can have a huge impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your workplace health & safety program.  SiteDocs Digital Safety Management Software allows you to have all your safety documentation in a digital format which dramatically improves your ability to monitor safety activity on site.  With the SiteDocs real-time safety feed, you can immediately see when forms are signed and track incident reports, first aid forms, near miss reports and more.  Rather than waiting for paper forms to arrive at the office, often weeks after they are filled out, you can instantly review safety forms right on your computer.

Digital safety management also improves work safety culture by giving you tools to hold workers accountable.  With SiteDocs digital safety management software, you can track worker participation in real time and completely eliminate your workers ability to ‘backdate’ signatures at the end of the week or month.  

Go Paperless with SiteDocs

Running a great safety program is difficult enough without the extra challenge of managing your paperwork.  With SiteDocs you can eliminate the wasted time handling paperwork and focus your efforts and energy on managing and tracking safety.

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