5 Reasons You Won’t Miss Using Paper

Going paperless with your EHS program has never been easier and we know that you won’t regret it for a single minute.  Here are 5 things about paper you won’t miss at all by going paperless with SiteDocs EHS Management Software.

1. No More Photocopying!

With an online form builder and automatic form updates to all your mobile devices, you’ll never have to waste time photocopying, clearing paper jams, buying reams of paper, and re-filling ink cartridges.

2. No More Damaged or Lost Forms!

Using SiteDocs means all your forms are automatically saved and stored in your SiteDocs account.  You’ll never have to worry again about your crucial safety documents getting dirty, wet, ripped, smudged, crumpled, torn, burned or, at worst, completely lost.

3. No More Illegible Hand Writing!

You no longer have to worry about your documents being completely illegible. All your forms are beautifully typed and easy to read. Your workers can even use voice dictation to type out their responses.

4. No More Hassling Workers for Paperwork!

Once a form is completed, it’s automatically uploaded to your account and your worker can simply return to work.  It’s less work for your workers and definitely less headache for your safety managers.

5. No More Filing Cabinets!

Last but not least, you can finally stop wasting time in the ‘filing room’.  All your forms are automatically organized and sorted online and you can find any form you need with just a few clicks.

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