Setup and Rollout

Easily build any of your forms

  • Choose from 16 different form item types
    Use a wide variety of input fields to re-create and enhance your exiting forms
  • Repeatable and collapsible sections
    Let users repeat a set of questions with a single tap or collapse sections that aren’t needed
  • Private forms
    Designate forms as private so signed copies can only be viewed by administrators

No more binders

  • All your safety documents in their pocket
    Give workers instant access to your safety documents like Safety Manual, SDS, and Safe Work Practices
  • Instant Distribution
    No need to print, photocopy, and deliver to job sites. Upload your documents and they’ll be automatically sent to every worker’s device
  • Bulk Upload
    Save time by uploading as many PDF files at a time as you want

Stay organized with locations

  • Forms are automatically filed and stored by location
    View and search for all forms signed at a location
  • Assign workers to specific locations
    Manage which workers are assigned to specific locations in your account
  • Auto share by locations
    Automatically share all forms from a location to other companies

Manage and track all your workers

  • Custom worker profiles
    Create a profile for each worker with their information and signature history
  • Track worker certifications
    Add individual certificates to workers and easily track expiry dates
  • Grant mobile access
    Give individual workers access to the SiteDocs mobile app with customizable permission settings

Ensure Safety On Site

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy
    The simple and intuitive mobile app makes filling out forms easy and efficient
  • Start and stop forms as needed
    In-Progress forms allow workers to automatically save a draft and finish it later
  • Voice Dictation
    Don’t want to type? Fill out text fields with your voice.

Flag items for follow up

  • Corrective actions and more
    Track corrective actions and use the form builder to customize additional follow up types
  • Flag any form item
    Add a follow up to any of your form items
  • Assign a due date and worker
    Make sure flags are followed up by assigning a worker and a due date

Enhance your due diligence with photos

  • Say a 1,000 words with a snap
    Use photos to document failed inspections, incidents, injuries, or equipment wear and tear
  • Add annotations
    Circle key areas or draw arrows to address specific areas of concern in photos
  • Comment on each photo
    Add additional commentary to any of the photos added to your form

Capture worker signatures

  • Automatic date and time stamp
    Know exactly when forms are signed by a worker
  • See GPS location of each signature
    Be sure that worker are signing forms on the job site

Track your certifications and training

  • All your certifications in your pocket
    Workers have all their certications and certification details on the mobile app
  • Know when certifications are expiring
    Easily check that worker’s certifications are up to date or about to expire
  • Add certifications
    Workers can add certification with details and an image of the certification to stay up to date

No network? No problem

  • Sign offline and upload later
    Forms will be saved on your device and will automatically upload as soon as you are back online
  • Access documents offline
    Continue to access signed forms and safety documents, even without an internet connection

Improve Compliance with Real-Time Monitoring

Track forms just like emails

  • Read and unread forms
    Easily see any forms that are unread so you can review and sign off if needed
  • Scan and click through forms
    Advance with arrow keys to efficiently review your safety forms
  • See worker signatures at a glance
    Click to quickly view the workers who signed a form

Monitor your safety as it happens

  • Stay up-to-date
    See every form signed at every job site, in real time
  • Improve accountability
    Know which workers did or didn’t fill out required documentation
  • Keep track of critical forms
    Quickly see critical forms that require your immediate attention like a Near Miss or an Incident Report

Stay up to date with your safety

  • See every form signed at every job site, in real time
  • Improved accountability for workers to fill out required documentation
  • Quickly see critical forms that require your immediate attention like a Near-Miss or an Incident Report

SiteDocs Analytics

  • Custom Dashboards
    Use pre-made dashboards or create your own
  • Advanced Filtering
    Filter entire dashboards quickly and easily
  • Smart suggestions
    Advanced artificial intelligence for data, widgets, and other helpful tools

Integrations and Sharing

Easily send and share your forms

  • Auto-share by email
    Set rules for forms to be auto-emailed when completed at a specific location
  • Auto-share to another account
    Send signed forms to be reviewed by another SiteDocs user like a prime contractor or a supervisor

Create helpful workflows

  • Execute specific commands
    Create, read, update and delete functions to customize your safety compliance operation
  • Connect your software to SiteDocs
    Give your developers the tools to connect your software to SiteDocs using our Public API

    View documentation

Connect with thousands of apps

  • Zapier integration
    Trigger automations on every new signature, completed form, and expired certifications
  • Dropbox integration
    Store a PDF copy of each of your signed forms right in your Dropbox account
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“Easy to learn, lots of Customer Support, and reduces paper on job sites drastically. SiteDocs allows us to get documentation to customers and safety officers in seconds. It’s extremely adaptable, user friendly, and an efficient tool for compliance with use far beyond just safety.”

Jesse, Trans-Western Electric LTd, Canada

“‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ -Wayne Gretsky.”

Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin

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