Tri-Mach Group, Inc.

SiteDocs allows crews to be easily organized and prepared for inspections with no additional legwork."

The Tri-Mach plants in Canada and the United States are focused on food safety through innovation and quality equipment manufacturing. They’ve published a front-page article to their customers highlighting how SiteDocs has transformed their safety.

With ever-changing technological enhancements and the food industry’s move to digitization, we looked within our walls to find ways to improve efficiency and streamline, digitize, and improve our own processes.

SiteDocs has allowed us to streamline our paperwork acquisition to improve efficiency, reliability, and ultimately automate the process from the job site through to management.

The safety of our employees is our number one concern, so every job site is inspected upon arrival and every piece of equipment is inspected before use. This means paperwork and a lot of it! SiteDocs has enabled us to automate and consolidate our paperwork into an organized digital system. Our foreman can fill out all necessary paperwork on a mobile device with signature capability and can add notes and upload any relevant reference photos. These digital documents are sent instantaneously to the management and other team members with real-time access.

Through this digital automation, our health and safety team has access to every inspection allowing them to provide instant feedback for any areas of concern and provide timely support when needed. From a compliance standpoint, SiteDocs allows crews to be easily organized and prepared for inspections with no additional legwork.

The digital system also allows employees’ certifications and safety training documents to be uploaded within their profiles for easy searchability and reference. Previous forms submitted from the same job site can be seen in advance to anticipate needs and crews can prepare for any potential issues or areas of concern to mitigate risk and maximize productivity.

The digital nature of these forms would otherwise only be possible if the paper forms were first collected and digitized by hand – a lengthy process at best.

Going paperless with SiteDocs allows safety documents to be accessible to other teams, in real-time, and aligns with our paperless initiative to be more environmentally conscious.

You can have a result like this sooner than you think. Book a Demo and ask about our rapid 7-day roll-out plan to free your team from the slow paper processes that cost you money.

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