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We’ve increased efficiencies from the field to the office...our business has been transformed."


SiteDocs has totally transformed our business. It has taken our safety system off the shelf and put it in the field!

Going paperless has meant increased efficiencies not only from an administration perspective but, most importantly, for those on the ground. 

Our Supervisors love not having to carry paperwork around with them or be constantly hassled to bring it back into the office. All of our safety documentation is now readily accessible to all workers, at all times, and can be updated and made live within a matter of minutes. 

Whether it is filling out Daily Pre-starts or accessing Safe Work Procedures, it is all available to our workers with the click of a few buttons, even in areas with no phone reception. There are no more paper folders – everything our employees need now fits in their pocket and can be automatically sent back to the office. The Admin Panel is also fantastic and has even removed the need to file documents.

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The SiteDocs Support & Tech teams have been very supportive, accessible and open to feedback.

We can’t recommend SiteDocs highly enough. You will wonder how your business ever functioned without it!”

Your most remote crews will get excited about the time they save not driving their paperwork back to an office. Book your Demo and ask how offline areas still get all the benefits of digital safety management.


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