Increasing Buy-In From Your Workers

Several safety coordinators have shared with us about SiteDocs safety management software has helped them get buy-in from workers in the field. Getting workers to complete documentation is one thing, but getting them to have faith, and confidence in the integrity of a company’s safety management systems is another.  What our members have shared with us is that they’ve seen an incredible response by involving their workers directly in providing insights and feedback about the safety program.  The way that SiteDocs Safety Management Software is taking that paper-based system and bringing that value of integrity up is making the process easier, faster, and better for everyone involved.

Here’s a quick story.  A safety coordinator of a flooring company was on-site talking with his people. In the past, the workers asked, “Why do we have overhead power lines as one of the hazards on our safety form? We’re a flooring company.”  Anything that the workers could take from that document, that made the safety process feel not real, they would.  So the safety coordinator started talking about this more with his workers, and hearing what some of the items the prime contractor would like to see in the forms. The safety coordinator was then able to open his tablet and using the SiteDocs form builder, right in front of everyone, he added those items that the workers wanted and had identified, as they were saying them. The new items instantly updated on their forms on their mobile device. The workers said, “Okay that’s much better.”

Now that the workers had been involved and included in the process of creating the safety form, the form felt real, applicable, and made sense. And that’s when you get true buy-in from your workers which leads to increased participation and safety compliance.

That’s how SiteDocs Safety Management Software helps with buy-in, by making it easier faster and better for you.

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