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“One person saved 4 hours in the first week. With a large company – you do the math. Since adopting SiteDocs, the change feels priceless. The ROI is tenfold.

Danielle Zivav,

Director of Finance, OZZ Electric

We interviewed Danielle Zivav, Director of Finance at OZZ Electric, for a no-bull look back over their experience so far with SiteDocs. What we found was shocking — even to us.

Ready to streamline and leave paper behind

OZZ Electric has always prided themselves on future-focused thinking and leading innovation on the customer side. However, like so many other companies, their safety program began on paper and stayed there for far too long.

OZZ faced a challenge, they knew efficiencies would be found cutting out time spent on manual forms and the extra admin that goes with it, including data entry. Safety Managers had lots of binders and HR staff stretched between employees they served and the critical documentation that generated paperwork.

“We’re always looking to get to the next level. We recognized our safety program was a high-touch process that could be streamlined; daily printing, paper sorting, populating binders, bringing those to site, getting forms signed site-by-site, etc. We looked to SiteDocs as our partner in innovation.” 

This is a common reality for many companies to jump to paperless when they’re ready to “level up” their safety program. Ironically, everyone keeps a supercomputer in their pocket and benefits greatly by using it daily, but when it comes to business systems and processes, so many companies don’t make the leap like OZZ and continue to lag behind, using older technology or no technology at all.


Eazy Decision To Go Digital

Once the leadership at OZZ Electric decided to make the switch to digital, Danielle started her due diligence process to find a solution. “When I started searching, I was only looking for fillable forms. I thought maybe I could find something similar to PDF forms, but I couldn’t find something that tracked our data or helped us sort out our audit needs.” 

Knowing that her company valued the word of industry peers over sales people when it came to vendors, Danielle focused her research on reviews of available software solutions on the market. “SiteDocs had rave reviews online and from everyone we spoke to. Even the not-so-5-star-reviews were more about troubleshooting and weren’t a concern for us. It was enough to begin the real conversation.”

That’s when fireworks happened. Thomas Andres, SiteDocs’ Chief Innovation Officer, personally fielded their inquiries. Thomas knew SiteDocs would transform OZZ, but he didn’t push. He also candidly owned the software’s limitations to make sure there was a perfect industry fit for them.

“The sales experience was transparent,” Danielle shared, “We appreciated Thomas’ frank insights into the industry and product. I’ve learned to trust my gut after years of sales conversations and I felt reassured in this process. Entrusting your business processes to another company is a critical decision; the confidence we found in SiteDocs is so rare these days.” 

The decision to move ahead with SiteDocs was easy, according to Danielle. “Within minutes of that conversation, one of the owners of our company looked to me and said ‘Sure, just send me the invoice.’ As if to say out loud what we all knew; we’re ready to keep leading the pack in our field — let’s go!


Now Our Crews Actually Love it

OZZ proceeded with a roll-out plan to pilot SiteDocs at a handful of locations. This gave them the opportunity to discover time-saving optimizations in their form processes and implement these changes quickly without having to manage a complicated dance of replacing old paper forms with new ones.

“One of our Foremen said he saved 4 hours in the first week. You can do the math! Seemingly small workflow improvements prove invaluable for streamlining a larger company.”

Word traveled quickly. OZZ had four other sites that heard about the pilot group’s transformation and were eager to see the same results. Through their pilot, an internal ‘SiteDocs Wiz’ naturally emerged and he was eager to get the other locations trained through video calls, with equally impressive outcomes. “Another crew member was really resistant to using an app to fill out safety documentation. At 9am he hated it, but by 5pm, he loved it!”

Roy, an OZZ Electric Foreman, shared his experience of rolling SiteDocs out with his crew: 

Getting the crew to learn how to navigate the SiteDocs app and sign documents was very easy. It was a huge time-saver for me to get the safety docs shared internally and out to our General Contractor so easily at the end of the week.

Foreman, OZZ Electric

The SiteDocs Team Is With You Every Step Of The Way

Getting SiteDocs into the hands of workers on site was just the first step in transforming OZZ Electric’s paper safety processes into an efficient digital program. As they continued to optimize their reporting processes, SiteDocs helped OZZ utilize more features and make adjustments along the way in order to streamline their safety communication.

“The trust and care we felt during our purchasing process continues to this day with our Senior Account Manager, Matt. Great customer service didn’t peter out; in fact, it ramped up. Matt has brought creative solutions to whatever we’ve thrown at him and he brings in the Technical Specialist and Support Specialist teams if he doesn’t have a tip-of-tongue answer. Prompt response times are a signature of SiteDocs.”


A Transformed Safety Culture

At the end of the day, Danielle reports that SiteDocs’ impact on their safety culture has been immeasurable. “Hundreds of little things got easier when we embraced SiteDocs. With customizable forms and the ability to have pre-populated fields in forms, we expect to get even more insights, especially through the powerful Analytics tool. We have everything we need to stay on the cutting edge for years to come.”

“Since adopting SiteDocs, the change feels priceless. The ROI is tenfold.”

Now that OZZ Electric has SiteDocs up and running, Danielle boils it all down for other companies looking to go paperless:

SiteDocs is the right decision. Pricing is not fussy, Analytics is incredibly powerful, and prompt attention and solutions from customer service is just a phone call or email away. The improvement to our workflows has truly been transformative."

Danielle Zivav,
Director of Finance, OZZ Electric

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