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COR Audit With SiteDocs

Easier COR™ Audit With SiteDocs

As a new company with a management team stacked with industry leaders in management & safety programs, Voltage Power Ltd. had an opportunity to build a safety management program from the ground up.  With a goal of creating not only the best safety system possible, but one with logistical tracking and management intrinsically built in, we immediately recognized SiteDocs as the ideal backbone for the system.

We use SiteDocs for Safety, Human Resources, Quality Control and as a very effective way of delivering courses to our Supervisors, with consistent course content and automatic documentation control.  At the same time, our supervisors build their skills and experience, and we simplify the pursuit of that unconscious competence with our Safety Culture to the point where safety is no longer a separate entity within the company, but rather a process of operations.

Proof is in the pudding; we have aced 3 major audits: one with the Province of MB, one with COR and another with OSHAS 18001.  With SiteDocs, these were a breeze as all required information was instantly at the auditor’s fingertips.

The auditors were so impressed with our system and SiteDocs that they thanked us for streamlining the process and drastically improving the efficiency of not only our own Safety Management, but of the audit as well.

SiteDocs has more than met our expectations… it’s exceeded them.  When SiteDocs goes “data,” our ability to extract information, summarize data, examine trends and implement better safety will be invaluable…

Welcome to the 21st century!

John Evinger, CRSP

HSE Manager, Voltage Power Ltd.

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